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who is yui stonewell?


Based out of Tokyo, Yui Stonewell is a Japanese singer with a Canadian heart. With Pop and EDM influences, her new music is sure to get stuck in your head. From melodic slow tunes to faster dance beats, there‚Äôs a little something for everyone.  
Influences: Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, Bruno Mars, ZEDD


Vocals / Yui Stonewell


tak stonewell

Tak Stonewell, the older brother of Yui Stonewell produces her songs.
Guitarist by trade, he creates a unique blend of melodic beats and tasty harmonies.
He gets his inspiration from humming in the shower, and random music playlists on Spotify.

Influences: Ed Sheeran, Elephante, The Chainsmokers, John Mayer


Guitar + Producer / Tak Stonewell

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upcoming shows

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Out Of Love

by Yui Stonewell (KOKANEE)

Formerly KOKANEE's single album created for our 2016 CHINA mini-tour.
Live band version & 2 remixes.